Oclea SoM, PCBA, uSoM, CV22, 1GB NAND, 2GB DRAM, WiFi/BT, 25x50mm

Oclea SoM, PCBA, uSoM, CV22, 1GB NAND, 2GB DRAM, WiFi/BT, 25x50mm




The Oclea CV22 System on Module (SoM) combines the Ambarella™ CV22 SoC, DRAM, FLASH, and key peripherals together in single package enabling the next generation of computer vision applications in surveillance, industrial automation, automotive, smart home/smart city, robotics and retail markets.

The integrated CV22 processor combines image processing, 4Kp30 video encoding, and CVflow™ computer vision processing into a single, low-powered design enabling products that operate ‘on the edge’ of the network and requires no external on-premise or cloud data processing. Therefore, operating costs are lowered, and the reduced latency is an advantage for products requiring real-time decision making.

Teknique’s flexible SDK provides a Linux-based framework and an environment based on GStreamer and includes pre-defined demonstration applications that allow your software team to start immediate development. The Oclea software platform also includes integrations with leading CNN/DNN frameworks, 3rd party analytics, and cloud service providers, and provides a rich set of APIs that enable a range of product customization options.

* The Oclea SDK is available with purchase of the Oclea™ Breakout Evaluation Kit

* Volume pricing available starting from 100 pcs, please contact us for a quotation

Download the Oclea CV22 uSoM Product Brief