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Advanced Solutions
Computer Vision and
Edge-AI Applications

Why are our products different?

We take self-drive car technology, and use it to enable self-drive everything.  Oclea™ components are the result of more than 15 years of vision systems development by Teknique, an Ambarella® preferred partner


Low Power, High Performance

Ambarella® processors consistently outperform competitive solutions in power efficiency — sometimes by 5x or more — while delivering equal or superior results


Fast Time-to-Value

By leveraging our production-ready electronic, firmware, and cloud Vision System Building Blocks, you can get your product shipping in 3 months vs. 12 monthsearning you revenue quicker


Proven Ecosystem

Don't take the risk.  While Edge-AI innovation is recent, our ecosystem of suppliers, partners, and manufacturers is not.  From prototype, through pre-production, to MM scale.  We have more than 10m products shipped

Evaluation Kits

Enable your engineering team to begin developing new products based on Oclea System-on-Modules.  Including Hardware, SDK, Source code examples, and Development Support.


Camera Modules

Off-the-shelf MIPI / CSI-2, and FPDLink-III camera modules with the latest image sensors and flexible lens-mounting options



Pre-tuned and qualified system-on-Modules (SoM) with built-in DRAM, FLASH, and connectivity options enable faster time-to-market