Oclea SoM, S6Lm, 8GB eMMC, 1GB DRAM, WiFi/BT, 25x50mm

Oclea SoM, S6Lm, 8GB eMMC, 1GB DRAM, WiFi/BT, 25x50mm




The Oclea™ S6LM Micro System on Module (μSoM) combines the Ambarella™ S6Lm SoC, DRAM, FLASH, and key peripherals together in a single package enabling the next generation of low power, high performace video capture applications in the security, retail and consumer markets.

The integrated S6Lm processor combines image processing and up to 5Mp30 video encoding on a powerful, ultra-low-power SoC, enabling the design of a wide variety of battery-powered camera products.

The flexible SDK* provides a Linux-based framework and an environment based on GStreamer and includes pre-defined demonstration applications that allow your software team to start immediate development.

The Oclea™ software platform also includes integrations with cloud service providers, and provides a rich set of APIs that enable a range of product customization options.

* The Oclea SDK is available with purchase of the Oclea™ Breakout Evaluation Kit

* Volume pricing available starting from 100 pcs, please contact us for a quotation

Download the Oclea S6Lm uSoM Product Brief